A 24hrs intense, fun-filled, rewarding convergence of programmers, designers and developers to build something amazing.

About Event

V-Ignite is a 24 hour long Hackathon. V-Ignite aims to provide a creative platform for all the creative minds to come together and build a solution that would positively impact the society at large and further the endeavour for innovation.

Calling out all the innovative creators to V-Ignite, a national Hackathon that gives you all an opportunity to understand, learn and hone your creative skills as per trends in the society.

Brace yourselves, form your teams, Interact with innovative minds and get started with the hackathon. There is a lot of learning and fun in store for you throughout the event. We hope to see you and your team at the event; So let's quickly hit the register button..

We, at V-Ignite are looking for what you build best not what we think you build best. This hackathon aims for innovative solutions irrespective of the technology stack used, to solve real world problems. You are free to venture into domains like Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Retail, Security etc.

Why Should i attend ?
To Have Fun
To Think
To Learn
To Innovate
To Build
To Win Schwags
22nd July 2019
V-Ignite Hackathon Launch and Ideation Phase begins
10:00Am Hackathon Launch
10th August 2019
Telephonic Interview Phase begins
15th August 2019
Ideation Phase Ends
20th August 2019
Telephonic Interview Phase ends
14th September 2019
Hacking Begins
15th September 2019
Hackathon Ends
17:00 Declaration of Results
Interested in making 'V-ignite' a huge success.
Come join us by sponsoring us. Check the  Sponsorship Brochure  for more details.
First Prize : ₹ 25000 Cash
Second Prize : ₹ 15000 Cash
Third Prize : ₹ 10000 Cash
Most Innovative : ₹ 5000 Cash
Top 3 teams - T-Shirts/Bags and Coupons
For All : A Best Experience
Is this hackathon an online event or offline?
The Ideation phase is an online phase and the final third phase of the hackathon is a physical one, wherein you need to be present at Vignan's Institute of Information Technology, Duvvada a day or two prior to the date of the hackathon.
Is there any participation fees for entering the hackathon?
V-Ignite is a free and open platform where in we only charge enthusiasm and innovation for your entry.
What is the maximum and minimum team size for this hackathon?
There should be a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 4 members per team for the hackathon.
Is Accomodation provided for the students coming out of state?
Accomodation will be provided to all the participants coming from out of Andhra Pradesh along with food on the day of the hackathon.
What are the Perks and Benefits of Participating in this Hackathon?
Hackathon Provide hands on experience with the experts from different field working on the Projects like Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, etc. This will help to give a head start if any one want to make project on the field. Along with that the participant will be provided with cool swags, stickers and refreshments to keep them up.
Will internet connectivity be provided for all the teams during the hackathon?
High Speed Internet Connectivity and charging ports will be provided during the hackathon and participants with any technical issues can contact our tech support team anytime.
How to reach Vignan's Institute of Information Technology, Duvvada?
There is public transport provided from The Visakhapatnam Airport, The Visakhapatnam Railway Station and all the major bus stations to Kurmannapalem and Sheela Nagar, from where direct autos to the campus are available. Our support team will be at your aid for any details about the venue.
Am I free to choose any domain for the solution I intend to develop?
We encourage you to build what you build best not what we think you will build best. You are free to venture into any domain provided the solution is related to Computer Science and Technology and Information Technology.
I have a question related to hackathon which is not listed above. What should I do?
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